G.SHDSL.bis Router

G2500 is a high-speed product of ZISA G.SHDSL series. Understanding the urgent needs of both bandwidth and routing functions, G2500 is designed to provide the business customer a high performance standalone unit with rich of routing features via single/two/four pairs G.SHDSL line. Strongly committed to friendly configuration, G2500 has the Web-based and GUI-based configuration features for configuring the unit in the easiest way ever.

G2500 is an ideal product for enterprise or mobile base station backhaul for Ethernet access.



l   Easy configuration and management with password control for various application environments

l   Efficient IP routing and transparent learning bridge to support

l   broadband Internet services

l   Fully ATM protocol stack implementation over SHDSL 

l   Getting enhancements and new features via firmware upgrade

l   Built-in 4-port 10/100Mbps switch

l   Web ,Telnet supported

l   One pair or Two pairs or four pairs DSL

l   WAN Port ping Disable /Enable

l   Support IEEE802.1p with 4 – level Queue

l   Support VLAN 802.1Q, QinQ

l   Support 4094 VLAN and VLAN ID and VLAN tag and remove features 

l   Support basic firewall configuration. Support IP / MAC / DNS filter.

l   Support SNTP protocol to get network time.

l   Support rapid spanning tree.

l   PPTP, L2TP VPN or VPN pass-through for safeguarded connections

l   PPPoE support user authentication with PAP / CHAP

l   SNMP management with SNMPv1 / SNMPv2 agent and MIB II

l   Support OSPF

l   Support BGP

l   MTU 9k LAN to LAN, DSL 2K


G.SHDSL Specification

Downstream and upstream symmetrical data rates up to 60M in EFM with four pairs DSL line

ITU G.991.2 Annex A ,B,F,G

Line Code: TC-PAM 16/32/128

EFM bonding and SHDSL M-pair mode for 1/2/4 pairs

Fixed/ Auto rate negotiation : compliant G.994.1

STU-C/STU-R mode selectable

Impedance: 135 ohm

Performance monitoring: (error seconds, severely error seconds, unavailability seconds)

SNR /Attenuation Value calculation

Physical interfaces

4 ports RJ45 for 10/100Mbs Ethernet LAN connection

2 RJ-11 port for G.SHDSL connection

1 console port for local configuration and management



ATM Protocol

VC multiplexing and LLC encapsulation

Multi-protocol over AAL5 (RFC 1483/2684 bridged and routed PDU)

Classical IP over ATM (RFC 1577 with MTU = 1500)

4 PVCs

ATM QoS CBR, UBR, VBR, VBR-rt support

UNI 3.1/4.0 PVC

I.610 OAM F5 loopback

PPP Support

PPP (RFC 1661)

PPP over Ethernet (RFC 2516)

User authentication with PAP/CHAP

PPTP and L2TP ( VPN )

Routing Capability

Support IP/TCP/UDP/ARP/ICMP protocols

IP routing with static routing and RIPv2 (RFC1058/2453), OSPF( RFC1583 ), BGP

Network address translation (NAT/PAT) (RFC1631), one to one, many to one, many to many

DNS relay and caching (RFC1034/1035)

DHCP server (RFC2131/2132)

Support IP / MAC / DNS Filter

Support DDNS function


IEEE 802.1D transparent learning bridge

Up to 2048 MAC learning addresses

Raid spanning tree ( 802.3w )


Local console (RS232)

Telnet access

Web-based GUI (HTTP)

Network Management

Web-based GUI for express setup, configuration and management

Local console and Telnet access, command line and configure for sub-interfaces.

Password protected management and access control list for administration

SNMP management with SNMPv1/SNMPv2c

Software upgrade via TFTP server

Supports inband management vlan.


Power Supply

External power adapter 12V DC, 1000mA

LAN  Port

RJ45 x 4

WAN  Port

RJ11 x 2

Console Port

RJ45 x 1

Operating temperature

0° to 45°C

Storage temperature

-10° to 70°C


plastic case


220mm x 150mm x 40mm (L x W x H)


Ordering Information

G2502 ---- single pairs, up to 15Mbps

G2504 ---- two pairs, up to 30Mbps

G2508 ---- four pairs, up to 60Mbps

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