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  Bonding ADSL/VDSL
  ADSL Router
  SFP & SFP+
  TDM PWE3 over DSL
  TDM over Ethernet
  EOS & STM-1 Converter
  Fiber Media Converter
  Fiber MUX-Voice PDH
Interface Converter
  E1 to Ethernet/V.35
  16E1 Point to Multipoint
  Queue calling system
  Call series
  Watch the receiver
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ZISA Corporation established in Beijing, the capital of China in 2001, the spirit of "ZISA,Communication never stop!" concept Set elite wisdom to create front-end technology products, We are professional to provide broadband data communication network access solution for telecommunications operators, industry professionals and enterprises. ZISA with the China data communications Research Department, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications Research, make full use of modern technology, and broadband network multinational enterprises in the capital advantage. of "steady development of a sustainable operation, the principle of" commitment to the telecommunications, the Internet, and provide broadband data communications and the high quality of products and services. become a "broadband data communications access experts around you! "ZISA broadband network technology primarily engaged in a number of technology areas According to the research, development and production and sale of telecommunications access products and future broadband network application services (including IP DSLAM XDSL copper transmission, PDH, SDH fiber, VoIP Network),facing telecommunications operators ,Internet users with tertiary industries and enterprises and broadband data access and Intranet infrastructure services and value-added services. ZISA post Internet information industries, strengthen research and development of broadband network access systems and services Practical introduction of cheap broadband data systems and better for the country's operators, professionals industry, Internet users, enterprises, company.

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